October 8, 2012

Roman Stange + Craig Kuna - You

Get ready to get housed up, with this deep raw track from Roman Strange & Craig Kuna! The key stabs bring out that feeling as the gurning bassline gets the head a tweeking! And it goes a lil something like this..

Handmade Recordings’ next release “You’ll House Me?” is the latest production from the prolific San Francisco duo of Roman Stange andCraig Kuna. Together Stange and Kuna have worked on remixes for releases on Blipswitch Digital and Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership imprint, while Stange has produced material on his own for the Auralism label and Kuna regularly collaborates with renowned bay area techno party [KONTROL]. On “You’ll House Me?” Stange and Kuna reach back to their influences while keeping their feet firmly planted within today’s house music sound. The track opens with tough a four-on-the-floor kick as well as reversed strings and vocals. This develops into a deep, bassy monster with snares and toms that roll and swing, accompanied by metallic chords. Fragmented samples from the acappellas to Rhythm Controll’s “My House” and The NYC Peech Boys’ “Life Is Something Special” wheel around in the mix creating a swirling narrative on house music’s former glories as well as dance floor triumphs yet to come. Next, a remix of “You’ll House Me?” is provided by German producer Franklin De Costa (Resolute / Curle) who takes the rolling drums and places a low-slung, understated bass line under them. He adds delayed chords that are woven with the vocal sample, layering the concoction over the bass and drum spine. This all propels the remix towards a gorgeous mid-track breakdown that should lift the dance floor to another level in the early AM. Both cuts’ seamless mix of retro and modern house music sounds should give “You’ll House Me?” a prime place in the virtual crate for quite a while … dig in. 

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