October 25, 2012

"Chains" (Sleazy Mcqueen & Carlitos Corcho (Chang) edit)

Here's an edit me & Sleazy Mcqueen did actually like 2 years ago, recently I put it up on Soundcloud for free downloads! It's been some pretty good responses and loads of DLs, and I recommend you check it out and play it out if you have not yet. It's from the classic "Chains" song from Bionic Boogie, which featured a young Luther Vandross on the original album. Again much props to Sleazy for working on this with me, and I highly recommend you check out his various edits available on vinyl & digital!

All we ask is if you like to chart it, and if you got a blog to let your readers know about it!
If you do blog it leave a comment with the link, thanks!

"A dancefloor classic! The album's the second by Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie, and head and shoulders above the rest – a sublime blend of soul and club that's hardly been matched again! Diamond manages to make things groove, but never loses sight of the soulful styles that make the record so great – and works here with key contributions from a young Luther Vandross, who gives the album some of the same strong vocal arrangements he brought to his own first two albums on Atlantic! Luther sings lead on the album's legendary track "Hot Butterfly", and works in a group with Cissy Houston on other tracks – sweetly soaring with vocals that go far beyond most disco efforts of the time. Simply sublime, and with classics that include "Hot Butterfly", "Paradise", "Cream (Always Rises To The Top)", "Chains", and "When The Sh*t Hits The Fan (Rocket Pocket)". Includes 4 bonus cuts too – "Hot Butterfly (Jim Burgess disco rmx)", "Chains (Gregg Diamond spectacular rmx)", "Fess Up To The Boogie (Gregg Diamond disco rmx)", and "Chains (Jim Burgess disco rmx)".

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