September 24, 2010

Greg Wilson October 28th 2010 in Tampa, Fl.

So yes myself & JJ Marley are bringing the one & only Greg Wilson to Tampa, Fl. for the first time! It's gonna be a full on Roller Boogie Jam at Czar in Ybor City!! Bring your roller skates or rent from the club cause it's gonna be a mad fall affair! Also playing Sleazy Mcqueen (Whisky Disco/Orlando), Will Renaurt (Electric Pickle/Miami), JJ Marley, and Chang Bang! Plus Fall Fashion show by Custo Barcelona! For more info check out our Facebook Event Page.

More info on Greg Wilson:

Here's Greg's latest live mix from BESTIVAL 11.09.10

BESTIVAL 11.09.10 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson

Greg back in the 80s on TV!!

Greg now in action!!

One of Greg's master edits!!

dj Chang - "The Yellow Sun (Jask Remix)"

Old school track I did back in 1997, this was Jask's first remix to be pressed on vinyl, intro by Kenji. I have a couple of vinyl pressings still, hit me up if you want me to send you a promo. DJS ONLY! Must pay for shipping.

Dj Chang - "Yellow Sun (Jask's Thai Hot Remix)" by ChangBang

Cory Daye - "Pow Wow (11 Inches of Chang Bangin Edit Victory!)

Cory Daye - "Pow Wow (11 Inches of Chang Bangin Edit Victory!) by ChangBang

Edited it out to 11 mINUTES, added a Madonna drop..

With her light, airy vocals, Bronx-born Cory Daye helped to transform Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band into one of the most exciting bands of the late-'70s disco era. Creating some of the earliest disco recordings, Daye and Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band skillfully mixed big band, swing, jump blues, Broadway tunes, and Caribbean influences into their infectious dance music.

Leaving Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band to pursue a solo career, Daye found immediate success. Fueled by a double-sided 12" hit single, "Green Light" and "Pow Wow," her debut solo album, Cory and Me, attained gold status.

Set back by the collapse of disco, Daye joined Kid Creole & the Coconuts in the early '80s, singing on their 1982 album, Tropical Gangsters, and appearing as a guest vocalist on their 1995 album, To Travel Sideways.

Resuming her solo career, Daye recorded a pair of 12" singles, "City Nights" b/w "Manhattan Cafes" in 1986 and "Middle of the Night in 1987. Since the early 2000s, she has worked with writer/producer Coati Mundi. ~ Craig Harris, Rovi

August 2, 2010

The Golden Filter - "Hide Me"

Cool band out of  New York City incorporating dancy synth arrangements and lush vocals. Lead singer Penelope Trappes, Stephen Hindman, with drummer Lisa compose the band.  Make sure to check out their new album Voluspa, named after a Nordic poem that relates to the creation of the world and it's coming end.

Buy their new album at The Golden Filter Website!

The Golden Filter - "Hide Me"

July 23, 2010

My Disco Record Store Day Mixtape!

Chang Bang presents his tribute to international Record Store Day which takes place on April 17th all over the world's record's stores to celebrate the sweet 12"s of Black Wax! Since he hails from Tampa Bay at the moment and the record stores left in the area focus more on rock, indie, pop, jam band, jazz, hip hop, and dollar bin classics. Chang decided to do his own tribute from his own record collection of disco, 80s electro new wave, hip hop, freestyle, classic house, and new edits. Besides he feels record day would be best on 4.20 and not on 4.17 of all days?? We used to and still some of us do tha 420 everytime the black wax hits the groove! So here's to all the ladies that prefer 12"s!

dj Chang - "Record Store Disco Day Mixtape"


1. Intro
Let’s Disco

2. Xena
On The Upside

3. Rickster
Night Moves (House Of Trix Mix)

4. Freeze
I.O.U. (Dub)

5. Liz Torres
Loca (French & Spanish Orgasm Mix)

6. Situation
Love In Me (Situation Edit)

7. Montana Orchestra
Do It Anyway You Wanna (Paul Simpson Mix)

8. Mental Remedy
Kotu Rete (Kybo Mix)

9. John Rocca
Move (Landlord House Mix)

10. Soft Cell

11. Bump Jerry
Baby Do You Wanna Bump?!

12. Deee Lite
Pussycat Meow (Murk Boy’s Miami Mix)

13. The It
Donnie (Ron Hardy Mix)

14. Information Society
Running (Instrumental)

15. Secret Weapon
Must Be The Music (Shep Pettibone Mastermix)

Roots Organics presents "The Mixtape"

My real good friends from Jamaica Rootz Underground are part of a new mixtape that has been slamming the irie culture & meditations recently! From beginning to end this mixtape has a very positive & conscious message to all those working in Babylon dreaming of Zion's rise.  Lots of nice drops and DJ shoutouts throughout the mixtape from many top artists out of Jamaica in the reggae, dancehall, and roots styles. Bless, and download this & puff to the Most High!


Liner Notes:

Artists In Order Of Appearance

Rootz Underground, Rory Stonelove, Junior Byles, Robert French, Busy Signal, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Richie Spice, Chuck Fenda, Taru, Luciano, Sizzla, Johnny Osbourne, Duane Stephenson, Big Yout, Tarrus Riley, Etana, Abijah, Lutan Fya, Capleton, Nas, Julian Marley, Anthony B, Norris Man, Sugar Minott.

Rootz would also like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the family of Sugar Minott, we grieve with you as we adjust to his physical absence. Music however will live on forever!

The immortal Stone Love and selector Rory, forged a reputation during the 80's and 90's in the inner city communties of Kingston Jamaica. A living legend within the soundsystem movement, Stone Love rose to the top by promoting reggae dancehall culture, Jamaica, Rastafari, and the movement to legalise marijuana. The name Stone Love came to embody the spirit of generations of reggae lovers. Many "soundboys" have "perished” at the hands of the soundsystem in now legendary soundclashes.
It was the custom in the impoverished garrison communities of Kingston for benevolent community leaders otherwise known as "Dons" (robin hood type figures to some, organised crime bosses to others) to host free weekly street dances for the people of the community. These "Dons" would provide the essential ingredient, the music, which included the soundsystem, the selector, and a wall of speakers towering above the revelers who, for a moment, could escape the harsh socio-economic and political situation and simply enjoy a night of feel good reggae music.

Many of the singers of the day would pass through the dance and show their respect for the Don and the community by toasting on the microphone and creating lyrics on the fly that were both poignant and profound.
Roots Organics, Rootz Underground, and Selecta Rory of the Stonelove Movement have created “Culture Mix 2010” to recapture the essence of the dancehall .... We invite u to light up your spliff, or just simply come with good vibes and be a part of this legendary era of reggae culture
Always remember – “Music is farming!”

Blessed Love

July 22, 2010

René & Angela - "I'll Be Good (Chang Bang edit)"

Check out my Soundcloud page, I have been posting up mostly edits of older disco & funk records. Plus some original tracks here & there. Here's my latest edit from the old school 80s hit "I'll Be There," by René & Angela!

Renee & Angela - "I'll Be Good (ChangBang Edit) by ChangBang

"René & Angela were an 1980s R&B duo consisting of artist/producers René Moore and Angela Winbush. Angela met René in 1980, formed the group, and subsequently married. The relationship dissolved by the mid 1980s, with the duo falling apart not long after. Both went on to solo careers as performers, songwriters, and producers."


Just had to share this amazing mix from Super Break!! Hot!


Junior Boys - "Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)

Still one of my favorite all time remixes from Detroit Carl Craig! I did the re-edit to complement the remix on the video angle.

So on August 7th Art Department (Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow) out of Canada will be the headliners at Oona Slim's second techno throwdown called Soul Food!! Taking place at The Chelsea Bar in Tampa, Fl it is gonna highlight many local djs too boot plus a slamming tasty mediterranean BBQ outside out together by Chef Justin Sills, Chris Cresanta & Shannon Talty.  Live art by Ernie Turner & Jonathon Stealman. Two stages indoor & outdoor!!
Celebrating the very special birthday of Dane'lle Masset! and all our other LEO friends!!

A little bit on Art Department:

"Art Department is the brainchild of Canadian techno/house Legend Kenny Glasgow and Canada’s fastest rising star and No.19 label owner - Jonny White. As individuals both Kenny and Jonny have released countless critically acclaimed records and are regarded internationally as two of the most forward thinking, relevant underground producers out of North America. Kenny’s credentials date back to the late 80’s and include productions on Narcotic, Jinxx, his own Method 11/11 label and Turbo. Whilst White’s revered No.19 Music label along side a blindingly fast - growing discography have seen him rapidly rise to the forefront of the international scene."

Local lineup:


(Miami, Hallucination)

(Miami, Electric Pickle)

(Hallucination, Sleaze, Serious Soul)

(Hallucination Limited)

(SubMinimal, Sleaze Thursdays Chelsea)

(Serious Soul, SNATCH)

(Naples, Velvet Elvis)




(Jungle Bastard)

(Traum, Hallucination Limited)

(Connexions Radio)

(Andy Mara, Butch Johnson, MEEKO, Steve Graham)

(Orlando, Formations)






Takes place at:

The Chelsea Nightclub
1502 N.Florida
Tampa 33602


Art Department Mixtape:

[soundcloud url=""]

Art Department - "Without You" being played at Hot Natured Party DEMF 2010!

March 21, 2010

Taft Richardson Tribute Project Previews

This a preview of The Taft Richardson Tribute DVD for The Moses House. It's a Non-Profit in Tampa, Fl. I volunteer for. I am one of the Co-founders of their Street Music Workshop where we get local youth involved in the Sulphur Springs area to produce music mainly hip hop & R&B with some experimental elements.

Taft Richardson was born on September 2, 1943 in Lumberton, Florida. He grew up in Spring Hill, now a neighborhood of North Tampa. One day, in the early 1970s, while eating ribs, Mr. Taft had an artistic vision delivered to him by God. In the bones he saw a giraffe. This vision inspired Mr. Taft to devote himself to making bone sculptures and to delivering a spiritual message to whomever was willing to listen.
Mr. Taft’s family upbringing and African American heritage had also taught him to nurture and care for those in the community around him, especially the children. Mr. Taft’s artistic vision combined with his community activism led to the creation of the Moses House, a youth arts organization, which he co-founded in 1984 with his brother Harold Richardson.

On November 30, 2008, Mr. Taft passed away at the age of 65 after battling cancer. Deeply saddened by their loss, Mr. Taft’s family requested help with preserving his legacy and memorializing his importance in the form of tributes to “Granddaddy Taft”—as family, friends, and the community had known him.

Lance Arney and Mabel Sabogal, Ph.D. students from the Department of Anthropology at the University of South Florida, answered the family’s call and designed a tribute project with them. Lance and Mabel video recorded interviews with family members, friends, and admirers of Mr. Taft—some of the many people whose lives had been touched by Mr. Taft’s caring personality, spiritual vision, and artistic gifts.

On April 3, 2009, at the North Tampa Community Center in Mr. Taft’s own neighborhood, the Department of Anthropology, the Moses House, and Mr. Taft’s family co-hosted a public event in honor of Mr. Taft. (Download a copy of the flyer, designed by Lance Arney, here.) Additional tributes and performances dedicated to Mr. Taft were recorded.

The tributes that had been recorded prior to the April 3rd public event were presented to the live audience in the hope of eliciting more reminiscences and tributes. Moved by these recorded tributes to Mr. Taft, members of the live audience offered more in the form of performances dedicated to Mr. Taft and reminiscences about how he had touched the lives of all who had known him.

The DVD and community celebration of Mr. Taft received collaborative support from Dr. Kristin Congdon and the Folkvine Group at the University of Central Florida, Dr. Antoinette Jackson’s Heritage Research and Resource Management Lab, and Mr. Taft’s close family, who prepared and served a banquet of food at the conclusion of the tribute. DVD. 53 minutes. A Moses House Production. Co-directed and co-produced by Lance Arney and Mabel Sabogal. Copyright © 2009 The Moses House. All rights reserved. Cover image courtesy of the Heritage Research and Resource Management Lab, Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida. Text and cover design by Lance Arney.

Copies of this DVD are available for $15.00 each (includes shipping via United States Postal Service Media Mail). All proceeds from the sale of this DVD will be used to fund Moses House youth arts programs.

January 22, 2010


This is Rusko going mental at the Scion Tour in Tampa at Czar Bar in Tampa, Fl. on Jan. 19, 2010! The place goes mental over this brand new unreleased track from Rusko! Booya!

Change - "Glow Of Love (Chang Bang Re-edit)"

Here's a re-edit I did of the classic Change song called "Glow Of Love" feat. Luther Vandross! Enjoy!

Change - Glow Of Love (Chang Bang Edit) by ChangBang

Prince - "The Future (Chang Bang Edito)"

From the Batman Soundtrack here's an edit of Prince's "The Future" I did!

Prince - The Future (Chang Bang Edito) by ChangBang

Michael Jacko - "P.Y.T. (Chang Bang Edito)"

Here's an edit I did of MJ's "PYT," from his classic album "Thriller."

Michael Jacko - PYT (Chang Bang Uh-Edit) by ChangBang