July 21, 2014

Blue Soul - Sinister Ana / The Menacing (Roam Recordings)

Coming Soon From Roam Recordings
1. Sinister Ana
2, The Menacing

A cornerstone of the Roam Recordings revival, Scott Boutin (aka Blue Soul) is an extremely talented and versatile producer. He has been spotted issuing singles for the likes of Whiskey Pickle, Thoughtless, and 3AM Devices as well as more experimental music under the moniker Archetypewriter. In his previous on Roam, "Summer Trip," Scott showed us his smoother '80s infused house sound. This new EP could not be more different, both tracks are mid-tempo, moody acid techno with a lot of attitude. The name of the first cut, "Sinister Ana," says it all; this track meticulously seeps in with an edgy acid bass line, gothic synths, and Arp synths that take mental prisoners through calculated transmutations. "The Menacing" is also aptly named, beckoning in all its glory with twisted horns and relentless acid notes while at the same time proving damn funky. In fact, both of these tunes maintain an 'evil' edge with grooves sure to creep into the body. This is not an EP for the fainthearted, but instead for those more adventurous DJs and dance floors ... dig in.

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