July 23, 2010

My Disco Record Store Day Mixtape!

Chang Bang presents his tribute to international Record Store Day which takes place on April 17th all over the world's record's stores to celebrate the sweet 12"s of Black Wax! Since he hails from Tampa Bay at the moment and the record stores left in the area focus more on rock, indie, pop, jam band, jazz, hip hop, and dollar bin classics. Chang decided to do his own tribute from his own record collection of disco, 80s electro new wave, hip hop, freestyle, classic house, and new edits. Besides he feels record day would be best on 4.20 and not on 4.17 of all days?? We used to and still some of us do tha 420 everytime the black wax hits the groove! So here's to all the ladies that prefer 12"s!

dj Chang - "Record Store Disco Day Mixtape"

[audio http://djchangbang.beatmaven.com/files/2010/04/dj-chang-420-disco-record-store-day-mixtape.mp3]

1. Intro
Let’s Disco

2. Xena
On The Upside

3. Rickster
Night Moves (House Of Trix Mix)

4. Freeze
I.O.U. (Dub)

5. Liz Torres
Loca (French & Spanish Orgasm Mix)

6. Situation
Love In Me (Situation Edit)

7. Montana Orchestra
Do It Anyway You Wanna (Paul Simpson Mix)

8. Mental Remedy
Kotu Rete (Kybo Mix)

9. John Rocca
Move (Landlord House Mix)

10. Soft Cell

11. Bump Jerry
Baby Do You Wanna Bump?!

12. Deee Lite
Pussycat Meow (Murk Boy’s Miami Mix)

13. The It
Donnie (Ron Hardy Mix)

14. Information Society
Running (Instrumental)

15. Secret Weapon
Must Be The Music (Shep Pettibone Mastermix)

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